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  1. Hi!

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for around 4 months and I would like first of all to say that I really enjoy it.

    I’ve got recently some problems with my eyes which effects my reading ability.

    Thereby I have a favor to ask. Is it possible for you to add an audio podcast version of your articles?

    It would be very useful for people like me and others who like to listen to your content.

    I’ve researched on that a bit and I found few free services that can help to do that.

    Here are the websites that I found that can add podcast to your site for free, maybe there are more but I found these two.

    Thank you!

    Patri Hope


    • Hello!

      Thank you for your interest in my writing and I am humbled by your message! I’ve written these posts primarily to help me work through issues I’ve struggled with in pursuing a professional music career and believed that only a handful of people that I know in person would read it. It’s great to know that there many be others that enjoy or benefit from what I wrote.

      I’m grateful that your wish to help me expand upon the blog, but I unfortunately have no plans to do so currently. As stated earlier, my main purpose in writing was to help me work through my issues with a lesser goal of giving me some interesting conversation topics with people I know. Writing hasn’t been a source of problem solving, self-improvement or passion in over a year, and I’m engaging with other avenues that seem to create more of those things for me at the moment. Expanding the blog would take away time from priorities that I value more at this time.

      I appreciate your message regardless, and if you want to discuss or share ideas related to topics in the blog, and be happy to hear from you.

      – Kevin Bandel


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