Specializes in Adult Students


One free trial lesson is offered

 30 minute lesson – $40

45 minute lesson – $50

60 minute lesson – $60

(an extra distance-based fee will be assessed if I am required to travel to your home)



1) When feasible, students are encouraged to have lessons at my home.

2) Lesson fees are paid monthly on the first lesson of the month from September through May.  In June – August, lessons fees can be paid at each individual lesson.

3) If a lesson must be canceled, I would like to have a minimum of 24 hours notice when possible.

4) Refund Policy: If a student does not show up to a scheduled lesson,  whether a make up or credit lesson will be given is entirely my decision.


Teaching Philosophy

It is essential to remember that music is a continuous journey rather than a destination.  It is easy to be overly focused on a result of a lesson or performance and lose sight of how the practicing, the setbacks, and the successes are all connected in the process of music making.  It’s important that musicians understand this to help them enjoy and improve in their musical endeavors, as music is a very deep and challenging pursuit.

I emphasize playing to learn more than playing for a result.  A learning-focused approach helps a musician frame their performance, satisfactory or unsatisfactory, into a positive experience that is productive for improvement.  I believe it’s usually more important to focus on learning and improvement over having the best possible singular performance, and that it is okay to make mistakes and temporarily play at a lower level to allow for greater improvement in the future.  If one is dedicated to playing to learn, the good results will follow.

I hope to guide students down a path that makes them curious and hungry to learn more. Whether a student continues to pursue music in the future or stops entirely, I hope they internalize this lesson and apply it to every aspect of their life.

“I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted.  I am only very, very curious” – Albert Einstein

2 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Hi Mr. Bandel,

    This is Marquise from the El Camino College symphony orchestra who grabbed your contact information on our last performance. I’ve been saving up for lessons and now I’m ready and eager to have my first lesson with you or at least a trail. Not sure how you’re planning on going about lessons with the virus outbreak and all, but I’m still ready for one regardless if it be online or in person. I’m also curious to know what level of cello you teach as I see myself as an “ok” player and wouldn’t want to waste your time.

    Thanks for your time,



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