Super Smash Brothers Melee Lessons

I am a former top 100 in the world Marth player under the tag Hyprid, and I’m offering private SSBM lessons through Slippi Netplay and video analysis through Discord. I would be most helpful to Marth players, but if you are interested and play another character, we can discuss how I can best help you.

What I’m offering:

  1. For netplay lessons: explanations of situations and matchups with in-game demonstrations, drilling specific situations, and playing out parts of matches and discussing thought process while playing (located in Southern California).
  1. For Discord video analysis: Observing videos of other players or you playing to refining game plan, identifying habits, bringing up other options for situations and what to practice
  2. Advice on how to practice and develop productive mindsets
  3. Objective feedback on what is going well, what is on the right track, and what can be improved; I believe improvement is most successful when one learns to whole truth about one’s progress and not just focusing on the negative

Some reasons to consider lessons with me:

  1. I have been a Druggedfox Patreon, so I have access to information from one of the premier SSBM teachers.
  2. My career is as a professional musician and music teacher provides advantages in teaching SSBM lessons:
  1. a) In addition to teaching being my career, I have received professional teacher training
  2. b) Between music performing and SSBM tournaments, I have a great deal of experience to share about performing under pressure, dealing with failure, and knowing which mentalities can be successful
  3. c) From playing the cello, I have advice about proper body usage in controller technique that is almost never talked about in the Smash community

3) The first lesson is buy one get one free

My rate would be $30 per hour, with the second lesson being free.